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Hello!  I'm Alex.


Originally an Okie, but recently a transplant to Seattle.  I am a videographer, writer, go-getter, dog lover, Christian, storyteller, professional Googler, creator and overall life enthusiast.

After traveling down the path toward engineering before my freshman year in college, I decided to switch course and follow my passion as a storyteller.  As of December 2015, I'm officially bonafide with a B.S. in Multimedia Journalism.  I worked as a videographer and reporter for my college paper, The O'Colly, for two years.  I've also interned with the video department at a statewide newspaper called The Oklahoman. Until recently, I worked as an executive assistant at Citiscape Productions, an ad agency and video production company in Tulsa, OK and wrote nonprofit articles for The Oklahoman as a freelancer.


 My aspiration for my career and in life is simple - to inspire and be inspired by the lives of others.  I desire a job where I can be adventurous; one that will allow me to create, laugh, give back, and share in experiences with others.  I'm never afraid of hard work or a challenge and eagerly await the next page to my story.  


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