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My name is Alex Strohm and I am a videographer, writer, photographer, producer, Christian, book nerd, dreamer, animal lover, artist, elephant trinket collector, road biker, creative soul and overall life enthusiast.


After traveling down the path toward engineering, I decided to switch course and follow my passion as a story teller.  I've worked as a videographer and reporter for my college paper, The O'Colly, for two years.  I've also interned with the video department at a statewide newspaper called The Oklahoman.  Currently, I write nonprofit articles for The Oklahoman as a freelancer and am interning at a production company/ad agency called Citiscape Productions in Tulsa. 


 My aspiration ten years down the line is to work for a production company in the film or television industry.  However, my goal in life is simple - to inspire and be inspired by the lives of others.  I desire a job where I can be adventurous; one that will allow me to laugh, play, and to give back to the community.  I'm never afraid of hard work or a challenge and am ready to continue adding pages to my story.  

Media Courses:

MC1143:  Media in a Diverse Society

MC2003:  Media Style and Structure

MC2023:  Electronic Communication

MMJ3153:  Fundamentals of Audio and Video

MMJ3263:  Reporting

MGMT3013:  Fundamentals of Management

MMJ3913:  Field Production

MGMT3313:  Human Resource Management

MMJ4953:  Advanced Production Practices 

MMJ3553:  Advanced Reporting

MMJ3823:  Photography I

MC4143:  Ethics and Issues in Mass Communications

MC4163:  Mass Communication Law

MMJ4973:  Capstone

MMJ4540:  TV Graphics and Animation

SC2183:  Intro to Strategic Communications

SC3443:  Managing Social Media 


Oklahoma State University
B.S. Multimedia Journalism, 4.0 GPA
Expected Graduation Dec. 2015



Business Courses:

MGMT3013:  Fundamentals of Management

MGMT3313:  Human Resource Management

ECON2103:  Intro to Micro Economics

SPCH 2713:  Intro to Speech Communications

UNIV3110:  International Ethics and Leadership

MKTG3213:  Marketing

STAT2053:  Elementary Statistics

MGMT3113:  Developing Leadership

CS1003:  Computer Concepts and Applications

Honors and Awards:



AWC-Tulsa Chapter Rising Star Communicator Award - 2015

Top SMSC Production Senior - 2015

Top Ten Senior, College of Arts & Sciences - 2015

Kappa Tau Alpha Top Scholar - 2014

Jack Dyer Memorial Scholarship, OKC Gridiron - 2014

Nancy Charlene Malkenhorst First in Family Scholarship - 2014

Sam Love Memorial Scholarship - 2014

Arts & Sciences Alumni Board Scholarship - 2013

Lew Wentz Foundation Scholarship - 2013

Rives Journalism Scholarship - 2013

Pride of Broken Arrow Scholarship - 2012

Shelter Insurance Scholarship - 2012

OSU Parent's Association Scholarship - 2012

AMR Tulsa Scholarship - 2012


OSU Academic Excellence Scholarship 2012-2015

President's Honor Roll 2012-2015






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